Chengdu Sanji Technology Co., Ltd

Chengdu Sanji Technology Co., Limited is one of the leading names in the manufacturing of smart tool cabinet. It gives us immense advantage that we are located in the Economic Development Zone of Southwest Airport. We have a production building which spread over the covered area of 50,000 square meters. We are the pioneers in China concerning research, production and sales of warehouse logistic equipment, automatic storage devices, and working position apparatus such as a workbench. We are operating for over two decades. Innovation, result-oriented efforts, and customer satisfaction – these are the pillars on which all our policy making is based. We thrive to satisfy our customers together with our shareholders.Through our dedicated workforce and continuous improvement, we are growing rapidly. We have extended our business to 30 provinces in China. Due to the staggering growth, we are receiving praise and attention from every corner of China. Our products serve the markets like electric, electronics, weapons, space flights, CNC tool storage car, textile, chemical engineering, textile, communication, food, tobacco, and a few others.Due to our reliable and durable products, we are approached by international customers as well. We enjoy the business received from top 500 organizations in the world. So, if you are finding the right workbenches and smart tool cabinet manufacturer, we are the one on which you can bank on.


30 Years Industry
Manufacturing Experience

The largest and most comprehensive intelligent storage, working position apparatus and storage shelves manufacturers in China.

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