Characteristics and Benefits of a Workbench Drawer

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The drawer is a crucial factor when it comes to durability and overall functionality of a tool cabinet or workbench. The evident and significant functions that workbench suppliers provide are the tools’ safety. Secured and easy access toward workbench’s content, come with the protection of tools.

Drawers (inclusive of slides) are typically the most expensive component in the total cost of a tool cabinet manufacturer. Since each cabinet is produced via a separate production process, therefore each one demands one pair of slides, at least. As a thumb rule, the higher the number of drawer higher is the price of the tool cabinet. For workbenches, cost determines the quality.

Characteristics of a Drawer

Tool cabinet’s drawers are manufactured in different heights, depths, and lengths. So, here are some of the properties which depict the tool cabinet’s quality. The steel’s gauge is critical. A typical gauge of steel used fall in the range of 18-22G. Lower the number of thicker higher the durability of the steel. A drawer made up of 18G steel is more durable in comparison with one constructed of steel with 20G.

Drawer’s edges indicate the quality of a tool cabinet construction. Roller cabinets with inferior quality will have the straight-edge drawers. For premium quality workbenches, the drawers’ sides will be folded or rolled over, providing a rounded top-edge. Rolled over edge provides stiffness to the drawer.

The extra strength saves drawer from deformation.  This added rigidity is a significant difference between a rolled over and a straight drawer. A high-quality roller cabinet contains a drawer liner kit. A drawer alongside stamped bottom shows attention to detail and superior workmanship.

Advantages of Drawer Slides

Drawer’s slides are bearings-less. Therefore, a tool cabinet manufacturer provides kinetic friction for opening and closing the workbench. As a result, higher manual power is required for movement.

Although slides are classified as friction and bearing; friction slides provide various advantages and benefits:

  • Friction slides inexpensive as compared to roller bearing slides.
  • By eliminating the extra components, friction slides are robust along with zero chance of failure.
  • There is almost no need for friction slides to be removed.
  • Ease of re-installation and removal eliminates the risk of misalignment.
  • Friction slides (barring occasional lubrication) need upkeep or maintenance.

Wrap Up

Companies demand both drawers with roller slides and friction slides. However, a drawer is one of the vital element on which the whole workbench depends. Therefore, workbench suppliers give extra attention while constructing the cabinet’s drawer.

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