6 Tools Every Tool Cabinet Laborer Should Own

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August 6, 2019
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As a professional worker, your productivity and safety depend on keeping the correct tool to tackle any maintenance or repair job. Building a comprehensive electrician toolkit is not inexpensive or easy.It is advisable to keep those tools which you will use commonly in your projects and extend the collection from time to time. The following are a few accessories and tools which every smart tool cabinet manufacturer or electrician should own. Although the investment is significant initially, that equipment will save your money and make your time productive.

Wire Cutters

Some electrical cables are required to be cut. Therefore, using a top-quality wire cutter can make it comfortable to erase damaged wiring during many electrical jobs. Wire cutters are always an excellent investment as they offer protection from electrical shock, while functionality remains preserved of regular wire cutters.

Insulated Pliers of Lineman

Electricians use pliers to cut, bend, twist and grip electrical wiring. The design of this essential tool enables it for increased accuracy and high degree force. The tapered outside corners are best to ream the rough conduits’ edge or wash the sharp metals from inside of a junction box.

Voltage Tester

One of the essential tools for an electrician is voltage tester. If there is an error in an electrical appliance, voltage tester comes handy for the determination of the cause. The cause can be any damage happened due to any damage in the machine. The tester provides safety for the allowance of checking for the current after the circuit breaker has been turned off.

Insulated Screw Drivers

Screwdrivers are crucial for workbench suppliers. However, for electricians, using insulated screwdrivers helps to prevent the risk of electrical shock from live current. The screwdriver can usually sustain up to 1,000V. Insulated screwdrivers should be kept in a variety of sizes in Phillips, slotted and square-recess head design.


The most significant advantage of a multimeter is its capability of testing various electrical measurement characteristics. The properties include AC/DC voltage, resistance and current. The ability makes it comfortable to correct electrical breakdowns. A multimeter can test the local power switches and sources. There are digital and analog multimeters available for electricians’ requirements.

Wire Strippers

For the removal of wire insulation, wire strippers are required. High-quality wire strippers make it easy for the removal of damaged wiring during different electrical jobs.

Wrap Up

To have a right and a commonly used tool is essential for the completion of work in a smooth and timely manner.

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